João-de-barro’s project

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João-de-barro’s project

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During Science classes of 5th degree elementary school, at Colégio Medianeira – Curitiba/PR, students were challenged by teacher Eliane Barreto Maia Santos to discuss about human actions and their impacts to the environment. They were asked to carefully observe what surrounds them, at family, at neighborhood, at school and identify the habits and related environment problems. From these notes, observations and during classes discussions the idea of a practical project focused on sustainability came up.

Developing sustainable knowledge and actions to reduce environmental impacts at local community the idea to design and build Small multifunctional houses using “special bricks” came true; it is called “João-de-barro” project, referring to the bird Furnarius rufus sp. It combines science and math contents of environmental education and sustainability. The walls were hand-made, using milk boxes filled with shredded plastic, newspaper sheets and waterproof´s paint. It results in “Ateliê” (Art Studio) 2022, for example.

A lot of people were and is still benefited by the actions and results of João-de-barro´s project. All students, teachers, families and all local community was engaged and positively affected by the knowledge and consciousness developed along all rounds of these project. Only on 2022 edition, 70 students were engaged, and we can estimate in around 1500 benefited people.

Math concepts were developed and applied, like area calculation, bricks and frames quantity, mass, weight capacity and size measuring, geometry, math fractions, etc. On Sciences area, students developed and applied knowledge of how to use materials characteristics, degradation time, reuse methods and possible impacts if left them in nature. Also very important the environmental consciousness in how better use, reuse, recycle and avoid really not need plastic, for example.

Teacher Eliana and students and also Scouts Lucas Bressan and Karla Eduarda Lorenzen Grycajuk, part of Medianeira Scout Group (49PR), are in the first picture, in front of Ateliê (Art Studio).

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